Stoneham Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA)  is a program offered by the town of Stoneham to provide new electricity supply options and more renewable energy to Stoneham residents and businesses.

Stoneham CEA is the only electricity program offered by the Town – beware of look-alike offers and always look for the Town seal on materials sent to you!

Program Products

Stoneham CEA has a standard product, Stoneham Local Green. Participants in the program will automatically receive Stoneham Local Green unless they chose one of the other optional products.

Stoneham Community Electricity Aggregation Eversource Basic Service
Stoneham Local Green Stoneham Local Green 50% Stoneham Local Green 100% Stoneham Basic Residential
Prices 10.364 ¢/kWh 11.871 ¢/kWh 13.546¢/kWh 10.196 ¢/kWh 16.078 ¢/kWh
Fixed rate through December 2023
Extra renewables from New England
100% Renewable Energy
Renewable energy Includes 5% more Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs), than required by MA Includes 50% more Renewable Energy Certificates (MA Class I RECs), than required by MA RECs to meet 100% of a user's monthly consumption, in addition to meeting all renewable energy requirements Meets renewable energy requirements Meets renewable energy requirements
Duration November 2020 - December 2023 July - December 2023
Details Details Details Details Details

Future savings cannot be guaranteed. Products described as Green contain additional Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) above that required by MA law. The additional RECs qualify for MA Class I designation and come only from solar, wind, anaerobic digestion and low impact hydro. Local means 100% of the additional RECs are sourced from New England.

All of the additional RECs included in the program are designated as Massachusetts Class I. RECs are the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use. Learn more about the RECs that are included on the Renewable Energy page.

Goals of Stoneham’s Community Electricity Aggregation program

Competitive, stable price

Stoneham’s CEA seeks to provide long-term, advantageous and predictable rates for electricity that exceeds the Massachusetts renewable energy requirements. Savings compared to Eversource’s Basic Service rates cannot be guaranteed because future Eversource rates are unknown.

More renewable energy

Stoneham’s CEA’s standard and optional products include more renewable energy than required by Massachusetts. This means you can use cleaner electricity and support the growth of renewable energy generation in our region.

Increased Choice and Easy Participation

The program offers different options for electricity supply so that everyone in Stoneham can find an option that fits their budget and climate goals.

Participants in Stoneham CEA may leave the program at any time without penalty.

How It Works

Stoneham Community Electricity Aggregation program does not replace Eversource as your electric utility: they continue to deliver electricity, repair outages and manage all billing. The program offers alternatives for the Supply portion of your bill. See the Understanding Your Bill section on the Eversource’s website to see the difference between Supply and Delivery sections.

The program is open to electricity customers in Stoneham – whether they are a resident, a business, a renter or an owner. 

The program has voluntary participation and automatic enrollment.

  • Voluntary participation: customers can leave the program at any time without penalty.

  • Automatic enrollment for new customers: In Stoneham, most residential and business customers are already enrolled in the program. New customers or newly eligible customers will periodically be sent a Customer Notification Letter notifying them of their choice to participate in the program or leave before it starts (opt out). Customers have 30 days to make a choice and those who do not opt out are automatically enrolled in the program. To enroll sooner, use our online forms.
  • Opt-in required for some: Those Stoneham residents and businesses who have already chosen an electricity supplier other than Eversource will not receive the Customer Notification Letter, though they can voluntarily opt in to the program at any time. The Department of Public Utilities advises all customers of third party suppliers to check their contract terms as their supplier may charge them a fee or a penalty to leave before the end of their contract with their supplier. 

Solar electricity consumers will not be impacted and will continue to receive all net metering credits while participating in the Program.

Budget Billing and Low Income Delivery Rate customers will continue to receive those benefits while participating in the Program.

Questions & Support

Have questions or need help? Please visit the support page, which contains the contact information for the current program supplier and a form for comments.